What system should solve the World Drivers' Championship?

  • 12-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

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  • WINS then RUs then 3rds then 4ths etc.

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  • 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1, best 15 scores

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  • Vote on Clip the Apex!

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Although some of us have been sounding off on the forum, lets see what a one-vote-a-man system can achieve. Yes, women also get a vote, although I'm not sure there are any on forum; either way this is not pre-WWI, I don't want my house beseiged by some Pankhurst, and I support equality. OK?
While I would love the championship to be won by a clip the apex vote, this island of sanity in a motorsport sea of madness, I think the FOTA option of 12 points for a win remains the best and clearest option.

It'd be great, cat, we'd get loads of bribes from the drivers paying for our votes! We'd probably just give votes to J. Button 'cos we feel sorry for him...
ok a little late to the thread but what about the MotoGP system? points for the top 15
The top drivers still have to get the best results possible and also it gives a real reason for the teams always at the back to race too rather then scurrying aroung hopeing for one of the those races where the all top cars fail and the all top drivers forget which dircetion there supposed going

Just a thought
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