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During yesterday's race there was a snippet of radio transmission to one of the Force India cars where the engineer said "you can use the pass button in necessary".

As Force India don't have KERS and revs are limited to 18,000 for all engines does anyone have idea what this "pass" button might do?
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My guess would be to richen the fuel mixture to get more power. After the race Button was also talking about his engineer telling him to go to "Mix 2" or 3 or something to fight off Hamilton, and since that's the same engine I daresay it's the same procedure.

Incidentally, just because the prescribed rev limit is 18,000 doesn't mean the teams don't impose their own lower limits to ensure reliability - especially in top gear. I doubt it was that though.
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Didn't Brundle go on to elaborate that the transmission was probably referring to a different mixture, as GM says?

Or was it in fact a garbled transmission and he was telling him to "Pass Button"? :D
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Thanks GM & Bro. I must have missed the Brundle bit, my brain tends to filter out his inane chatter, could be worse though remember Jonathan Palmer...
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