Online Backup and Streaming Service?


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Calling all techno nerds.

Does anyone have recommendations for :

• An online backup for my laptop. Mostly Music and photos. Automatic and unlimited would be nice.
• Can I stream music to my home cinema amp from an online back up?
• If the online streaming bit isn't possible I think I can plug a hard drive into my router and stream over that ?

Sync | Secure Cloud Storage — Privacy Guaranteed

Been using Sync for over a year with our small business, and I'd recommend it to a sole user. Previously we used LiveDrive, but Sync is far superior and cheaper, at $96 a year for 2TB. 5GB is absolutely free, which probably isn't enough for you. 2TB is probably too much for a sole user, but maybe not.

It basically works like this. Your 'sync' folder is held on your laptop and duplicated in the cloud. You can install Sync on numerous hard disks across laptops, desktops etc, and the folder will appear in their HDs. If you update an image or any file on any of the devices, it will update in the cloud and update on other devices too. There is a brilliant 'history' function on the web portal that allows you to undo erroneous updates - a lifesaver.

If you want to park a load of heavy data in the cloud, without it using up disk space on your laptop, you can do that too, using the 'vault' function. And the app allows you to access the online storage from phones or tablets easily.
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