Caption Competition One of these kids is doin' his own thing...


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Take a look at these kids.

One is different from the rest.

Press Conf.jpg

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Now, can you spot the difference?

And what can he be doing..?

Answer with a name and action, if you will... :)
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Not a caption, I had to look up who the bloke top left was as I didn't recognise him. Well done Marcus Ericcson, you are really making and impression this year, Not!

Anyway, here's my caption "Max Chilton's dad pays for him to sit in on an F1 drivers press conference"
Ricciardo: the ones on the top row all look like lovely chaps.Not so sure about the guy to my left, nor the one to the right. On second thoughts, the man directly behind me is a bit of a worry.
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