Now Ralf wants to return


That's as crazy as the thought of Luca Badoer making a come back in a Ferrari LOL , oh wait we've had that one.

Sources in Argentina have reported that Gaston Mazzacane has been seen shopping for pair of racing overalls.
To be fair to Ralf he is a 6 time Grand Prix winner in a time of dominance by Ferrari & his brother. He rarely got bested by a team-mate and he was one of the front runners for the first half of the century.

But more obviously, he was a major crash risk at any race, he never finished higher than 4th in the Championship and his team-mates were the less than stellar cast of:

  • Fisichella
  • Hill (old)
  • Zanardi
  • Button (young)
  • Montoya (mad)
  • Trulli
Seems like he is still suffering from the effects of hitting the wall at Indianapolis. :givemestrength: Perhaps his spine has recovered but the effect on his brain is more permanent.
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