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What happens now at Sauber...

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Could this open the door to a driver who is not currently in the circus with a lot of financial horsepower behind him to emerge in F1... or could someone line Schumacher (as has been suggested I think by RasputinLives) be interested in taking an ownership stake...
Well, the Schumacher theory isn't as daft as it first seems. The team are based in Switzerland so it's not like the Schumies would have to up sticks and move. He still has racing written through him like a stick of rock and it would seem that he still wants to race on given that Mercedes were likely to re-sign him if the Hamilton deal fell through. I'd guess at a one year driver / part ownership deal followed by retirement and the option for a full buy out later.

Besides, there have been the odd rumour or two that Kobyashi's star is on the wane as well so there could be two spaces at the team.
My no. 1 candidates: Schumacher, Alguersuari, Gutierrez, Kovalainen.

Alguersuari has been very confident about having a seat next year. I was thinking maybe Caterham, but now...
Viscount has suggest Alguersauri today and Jamie has been making noises on Twitter about revealing who he's driving for next season so you have to say its a good call.

I also remember rumours of Charles Pic for Sauber back in Hungary.

I would have gone for Gutierrez because of wanting to keep Telmex but you also have to think they might chuck Kobi in as well so we could have 2 places free.

I'm not sure I'd like to see Schumie in the race seat at Sauber - on the pit wall yes - but not in the race seat.

This one is a little out there but if Schumie ends up on the management staff how about Nico Hulkenberg in the driver seat as the young gun under the masters guidence? Force India are leeking money at the moment so could be a good move for the Hulk.

I guess you have to look at Bianchi too as Ferrari like to set their acadamy drivers up at Sauber.
Bianchi and Pic were in the back of my mind as well RasputinLives. However, I think Force India are happy with their drivers and their drivers are happy with Force India (short of being offered a seat at Ferrari/McLaren/Mercedes/Lotus, which now seems highly unlikely).
I would like to see Pic get a shot... the try before you buy with Bianchi for Ferrari wouldn't be too bad... Gutierrez would be a logical choice... if it came down to money could Senna end up with the drive if he makes way for Bottas at Williams... :nah:... shirley not...
If Alguersuari is going to Sauber, with how confident he has been for quite some time that he'll be racing next season, I have a bad feeling that he's actually replacing Kobayashi rather than Perez which would mean that the second seat is available, probably for the highest bidder.

I know that Ferrari tried to get Bianchi into Kobayashi's Sauber seat for this season but Sauber declined.
Viscount has suggest Alguersauri today and Jamie has been making noises on Twitter about revealing who he's driving for next season so you have to say its a good call.
Surely that would mean the deals with Hamilton and Perez and therefore Alguersuari were done a long time ago.

Nah, I don't buy it.

Edit: Unless he's replacing Kobayashi...
I'd like to see Alguersuari at Sauber with Gutierrez as his partner. However, the team needs a veteran driver to partner one of youngsters, so Schumacher or Kovaleinnen would be great there. I think Schumacher would be more likely because I think (this is just a theory) Kovalainnen will either stay at Caterham or move to Williams and partner with Maldonado.
F1Yorkshire I think Senna will be (and should be) out of F1. I love having the name in the sport, but he just isn't F1 quality. Yes, he gets the occasional top 10, but other than that he's hanging out 14th or 15th, and in that car, he should be top 10 nearly every race. I would have loved for Williams to retain Barichello this season. He would have been perfect for the car and perfect for Maldonado.
Sauber could do with the sponsorship cash that Schumacher would bring. I don't think Gutierrez is another Perez in the making, but if it meant holding on to Telmex that wouldn't hurt either.
I seriously doubt Schumacher would go to Sauber. They are not a marquee team and I think Schumacher would only race for a leading team. I'd like to see him alongside Alonso, I think he'd be better than Massa too however part of me thinks that Schumacher would be unwilling to go against a driver of Alonso's calibre.

I think Sauber's lineup will be Kobayashi and Gutierrez. He's been with Sauber in a reserve driver role for a while now and they should keep Telmex, I think.
Not Schumi. Sauber likes to go with the young drivers. Don't think it will be Kovi either. So either Gutierrez or Alguersuari in my opinion. But either way it will be a pain in the butt to combine those last names with Kobayashi.
I bet recently crowned GP2 champion Davide Valsecchi's agent has been constantly ringing the Sauber offices since yesterdays annoucement. Is a long shot but I'm sure putting and Italian back in F1 might bring a bit of sponsorship in especially as they are Ferrari powered as well.
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