North Korea - a threat to F1?


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According to ESPN, worsening relations along the 38th parallel are slowing down the building of the new Yeongam circuit in South Korea.

It also claims that preparations by the teams for the Korean GP are less well advanced than the preparations for the subsequent Brazilian and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

I wonder if circumstance is conspiring against the staging of the Korean Grand Prix. Of course the one thing the South mustn't allow to happen is for the usual sabrerattling from the North affect events such as this in the South.

It is a complex political situation made all the more complex by the insanity at the helm North of the border.



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Personally, I think the Korean GP should be postponed for one year. The tensions in the region since the apparent torpedoing of the South Korean warship have reached such a pitch that attendance would be very adversely effected as a best case. A year delay would enable things to settle down and give Korea the chance to be seen in a better light. Of course, with a certifiable nut case running the neighbor to the north, who knows if things will be better next year? :dunno:

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siffert_fan said:
Of course, with a certifiable nut case running the neighbour to the north, who knows if things will be better next year? :dunno:

Surely then Bernie would be in good company? :snigger: If Bernie's lawyers are reading this, just kidding!


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Latest news (PR?) is that the construction is on schedule.

"We are extremely pleased with the progress of the circuit, facilities, and preparations for the Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix," KAVO Chief Executive Officer Yung Cho Chung.

"Construction is on schedule for completion this summer, and we have encountered no obstacles whatsoever, either logistical or political."

I hope it does go ahead, it would be a nightmare to strip out all the data from the database and spreadsheets
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