Nicky Hayden in intensive care

I saw this earlier, and his condition was described as 'critical' hopefully 'serious' is an improvement.

Healing vibes.
sobriety Well according to the latest hospital reports it seems that unfortunately his conditions is most definitely deemed "critical". :( he was due to undergo surgery to relieve pressure on his brain he is still too unstable to doctors to feel comfortable carrying it through. Hospital staff have made it clear his conditions is "extremely serious".
Dreadful news, sadly not wholly unexpected. :( The updates from the hospital he was being treated at didn't leave much room for hope.
sad to hear Nicky Hayden passing today.With his Injuries. I was bracing for it but i was still sad to hear as i said i remember the 2006 moto gp season & showed what a rider he was. Very few can ever say that they beat rossi at his peak & he ended his 5 straight world titles. Only 4 riders in the 00's won a world title Casey Stoner Kenny Roberts, Jr Nicky Hayden & 7 time rossi For me thats is pretty good company to be in
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