Nick Fry - Super Brain?


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I love this article in Pitpass. As CEO at Honda Racing Nick Fry oversaw the demise and sale of the team I'm sure in no small part to the failure to find a title sponsor. Mr Fry is now, rather ironically, off to the Middle East on a speaking tour about the importance of sponsorship in F1; presumably encouraged by the great job he did with Brawn last season...

Pitpass suggests that perhaps NP Jnr is should book a speaking tour on sportsmanship and Nigel Stepney on integrity LOL
I read that earlier :D

Pitpass can be quite scathing in some of their articles but this one is probably not far wrong.

Now that Dubai is effectively bankrupt, I'm not sure what good it will do going off to the Middle East to garner more sponsorship in F1.
Lots of rumours in various chat rooms that Mercedes have said "bye, bye, Nick Fry" and he could be on his way to Lotus...
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