New Skydiving Record Attempt


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Not sure if many of you have heard about this but there was an interview with Felix Baumgartner on R4 this morning who is planning the World's highest skydive. He will be jumping from a balloon at 120,000 feet up, beating the current record of just under 103,000 feet set in 1960.

Because of the height he will be wearing, effectively, a spacesuit when he jumps. Within 30 seconds he will be exceeding the speed of sound but his speed will reduce as he gets lower down and the atmosphere becomes more dense. He plans to open the parachute at 5,000 feet, so has quite a long way to drop before finding out if it works.

Very brave or very foolish?
Don't know whether it is foolish or brave, but I can see no reason why anyone would bother making such an attempt except to satisfy their ego.
The jump was meant to be made today but has been postponed until tomorrow

It's not canceled, they're looking for an other weather window to make the jump and so far it's looking like October 14 is the best option for a new attempt.
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