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...Valencia on January 30th. So, with most F1 cars being built in the UK FOM (for I presume they are behind the decision) have chosen Spain as the best place to unveil next years F1 cars. In fairness, the teams are off to the Ricardo Tormo circuit for testing afterwards but I am struggling with this love of all things Spanish in F1 at present.

Oh, silly me, it's all down to money isn't it.

One final question, does this mean there is a proper race track close to Valencia? If so, why do we have to put up with the appaling street docks race every year?

New Car Launches
I suppose the thinking is that as all teams are going to be in the vicinity then that's the obvious choice.

Even though the UK is the home base of many teams, a lot of others would still have to ship their cars and staff here if the launch was in the UK and then off to Spain.
So costs would be that much higher.

Having it on a Saturday is a bit odd though.
I have a feeling that will change to a week day.
does this mean there is a proper race track close to Valencia


San Marino
Watkins Glen
Brands Hatch
Castle Coombe
Any suggested circuit layout from the back of a Scalextric box
The top gear test track
Ceasers Palice car park
My local Asda car park
The main runway at Heathrow

Take your pick !!!!!!
With the few testing days available it's pointless testing at snowy Silverstone in January - they would all have been in Spain anyway chasing the good weather.

As for the Ricardo Tormo circuit, it's more of a bike track - a bit narrow, a bit twisty. Probably would be worse for F1 even than the, really!
fedupwithuserids said:
CaT said:

Any suggested circuit layout from the back of a Scalextric box.


Don't give Bernie and Tilke any ideas, they havn't tried that figure of 8 yet.

Nowt wrong with figure of 8s, they've got one, and its pretty good...!
This was the figure of eight I meant, might not meet current safety standards but would fill those car crash Videos/DVDs I always get as a stocking filler.


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It's all off....well, not quite but it may be...

Plans for Formula 1 teams to stage a common car launch next year are now hanging in the balance, AUTOSPORT has learned.

F1 teams agreed earlier this month to stage a spectacular event in downtown Valencia to unveil each of their 2010 contenders.

It was hoped that the event would not only help reduce teams' individual costs for launches, but it would also allow fans the chance to get closer to the sport.

However, although teams were in favour of the general idea of the car launch, it has proved difficult for them to reach agreement on the specific details of the event.
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