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Of course this is purely subjective and refers to the current strengths of those who are in my opinion the top four riders as they stand at the (roughly) halfway point of the current season. It doesn't refer to their careers as a whole, it's purely a current evaluation)
Anyway here's my take on it.
Stoner is the most consistant (Rossi might have something to say about that, but Stoner pips him because he's being consistant from at or near the top step))
Rossi remains the most naturally gifted.
Pedrosa's the bravest.
Lorenzo doesn't come tops in any of the three criterions above, but scores very highly on all three.
What do you guys think about this (very arbitrary) assessment?
Don't think theres too much to disagree about there.

On race day Stoner, most of the time, seems to have a raw pace on the Honda that on-one can get out of it. I thin him and the bike are a match made in heven. I would of expected of expext Pedrosa to be closer him, but having an injury in the middle of that doesn't help judjing, and now seems to be getting on terms of Stoner over a single lap.

Lorenzo is making a good fist of it, but he aint on a Honda. Its going to be a losing battle. The tracks from today onwards are faster tracks and that suits the honda has well.

Rossi, It says something when he has been beating hayden on the newer 2011/2012 hybrid bike thats WORSE then the Old one. Theres been some talk of Rossi trying to get of his Ducati contraxt and i wonder, Rossi for Elias at LCR? I wonder if LCR would be rooted to the foot of the table with Rossi on-board? I think not.
Rossi tops in all three. Look at his career, not this season. He's riding a bike specced up as the bastard child of '11 and '12.
Stoner is an amazing rider, but I don't like him too much (he moans far too much for my liking, even when he wins sometimes!)
Lorenzo has gone up in my estimations in the last couple of years. He looks like he's enjoying it now, he's fighting a losing battle against the Hondas and is the only man who is consistently able to stick with them.
Pedrosa is a great rider but easily bullied in a pack and is too fragile. It seems that every time he falls off he breaks something. He's a potential world champion, but only with an injury free season, which I honestly don't see happening.
Rossi, well it's obvious to all that he is on a bike that is nothing compared to the top guys, if he was on a Honda or Yamaha this year I think he'd be mixing it up with them, I have no doubt about that. Still the greatest in my opinion, but he's got more competition than ever from some really amazing riders. I include Simoncelli in this list too, I'm glad he actually finished and got a podium yesterday. The force is strong in that Sideshow Bob lookalike! :)
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