FIA Mohammed Ben Sulayem is the new FIA President


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Who I hear you ask.

Apparently he is a former rally driver from Dubai.

First rally: 1988 Acropolis Rally
Last rally: 1995 Rally New Zealand
Rally wins: 0
Active years: 1988–1995

I'm sure he'll do just as good a job as the former presidents.
He's promising change.

We can live in hope that it will be both positive and effective but I doubt it.

If one thing Todt's era has taught us it's that Formula One is no longer on the FIAs to do list in any significant way.

The way Bernie engineered the game was to ensure through his relationship with Max that F1 was the only pack of cards on the table. I think that one of the principal pillars of the Todt era was to move away from that and look at the wider picture. Hence he has been virtually invisible around F1 in the last few years.
He was elected after a campaign in which he promised to expand motorsport participation around the world and lead the governing body for its members.

His deputy president for sport is Scot Robert Reid, who won the World Rally Championship as co-driver to Englishman Richard Burns in 2001.

Brazilian Fabiana Ecclestone - wife of former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone - is his vice-president representing South America.

He said Ecclestone had been nominated for her experience and credibility having worked for the FIA's member club in Brazil and as part of the organisation of the Brazilian Grand Prix. She is the first woman to have a role as an FIA vice-president.

Ben Sulayem said Bernie Ecclestone had not been involved other than to introduce the pair.


So being involved in some way in a single GP is the relevant credentials for being an FIA vice-president ... :rolleyes:
I promise to look at doing something to prevent something from happening then we won't need to do something because something may not have happened anyway. I don't know what that something is yet because I haven't had a chance to look at something and anyway we are really good at something we do and so may not need to do something. It's important that we are seen to be the best at something because something is important to a lot of people and I promise that I will continue to do something, somewhere at sometime.
Well I have been asking. I have done a lot of wondering just what Tod’t did. Well now we have another, and this one plans on making a noise.
Why is it a crime for Hamilton not to attend the Gala.

And what a melodramatic statement. “ No forgiveness “. What’s he going to do, chuck him out of the sport?
What a prat.
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Why is it a crime for Hamilton not to attend the Gala.
Because, and get this ... It's in the sporting code and as we all know ... The Rules are the Rules.


The main reason being is that the FIA end of year awards ceremony will have a lot of money men and sponsors in the room who want to have loads of "grin and grip" photos with F1 drivers who they would barely recognise if they walked past them in the street.
Ben Sulayem is whining because Hamilton won't return his calls or get in touch with him to discuss Hamilton's snub of the FIA 'gala'.

The same Ben Sulayem who after being appointed as the new president of the FIA made sure that the first thing he said to the press was Hamilton and Mercedes would be punished for not attending the 'gala'.

It sounds as though he has it in for Hamilton already. If I were Hamilton I would jump before I was pushed .
If I were Hamilton I would have jumped last winter. He has already proven he is the greatest driver of all time. He has surpassed Schumacher, Fangio, Prost and co. The longer he continues the more fodder he gives for those who are desperate to hold up some flimsy excuse to try and prove he isn't.
The FIA president is now only a figurehead without power, the FIA set the rules as dictated by Liberty Media in association with the F1 constructors, ie Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault, possibly Red Bull who like Ferrari threaten to leave if it doesn't get its own way, if the teams and Liberty want any FIA appointed official gone then they will be gone
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