Minardi and Jordan GP


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Both considered back markers in the 90's and early 00's and both seen as many fans second teams. It's a shame that these two teams are no longer involved in F1 as their are possibly the two best backmarker teams to ever grace F1.

My favourite Minardi moment was when Mark Webber finished 5th in his debut for the team and scored two points.

My favourite Jordan GP moment was the 1-2 at Spa in 1998 that was a superb moment for the team and Damon Hill too :).

But what are your favourite memories of Minardi and Jordan GP?

Didn't mean to add the question mark in the title any way we can get rid of it please :).
My favourite Jordan moment was the whole of the 1991 season. The Jordan 191 was one of the greatest debut F1 cars ever and one of the best looking as well. Also on the list would be the 1-2 in Spa and Irvine un-lapping himself against Senna at the 1993 Japanese GP (and getting punched for his efforts).

One of my favourite Minardi moments is this classic from yester year, (and you thought Button / Hamilton in Canada was bad !!!) You can just about see Martini swerve across to block his faster team mate from passing and this was just for 7th place.

(for some reason I can't get the embed to work so here's the link)

Midfielder/backmarker would be the best way to describe them then :)

From June 1998 to at the earliest the end of 1999 Jordan were the third team in Formula One. And Frentzen led the European GP of 1999, 10 points behind both Hakkinen and Irvine, neither of whom were in the points...
They outscored McLaren in 1994-96 too, I think. Or thereabouts. Anyway they did well.

Force India are nice and a lot of ex-Jordan people are still there, but the heart of the team was Eddie and Gary Anderson for me. I think Anderson might be involved in the Status GP3 team now, though I might have misremembered that.

Same with Minardi and Giancarlo really. But for me that team wasn't the same when Stoddart took over.
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