Massa to stay at Ferrari until 2012


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Ferrari have finally ended the speculation over Felipe Massa's future.
He has signed a 2 year extension until 2012.

Next year is going to be fairly static then with regards to drivers' moves considering all the top teams have announced their line-ups with only 1 place at Mercedes available alongside Michael Schumacher and Renault yet to announce any drivers.

Robert Kubica's options just all but dried up, same for Nico Rosberg.
I can see both of them staying where they are and possibly also Petrov as he isn't doing too badly for a rookie.
I was intrigued by your comment about a free seat at Mercedes next year Bro and found this on the website in a Q&A with Nico:

Q: You must have some idea about what you want to achieve this season. What would be the minimum and what would be the maximum? Are you aiming for the title?

NR: This here is a longer term thing. I’ve signed a multi-year deal, which is somewhere between two and 10 years. Of course my first goal must be to win races. In comparison to Michael? I want to have a good working relationship with him so that we push each other on the track.

I would assume Kubia would stay at Renault as, from Rosberg's answer above, the "2nd" seat at Mercedes is filled for 2011 at least.
That's interesting about Nico as Wiki still has the 2nd seat at Mercedes as TBA for 2011.

If you look at all the old reports from November/December last year they only seem to mention him signing for 2010.

I suspect until the team officially announce it, there's probably a break clause in his contract.
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