Lola is done


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
Sad news.

According to Autosport, the fate of Lola, the storied car constructor is sealed. It has been deemed impossible for Lola to continue "as a going concern" and the assets will, therefore, be disposed of. Over the years, Lola produced many memorable cars, and some of the most beautiful (at least to me), especially the T70:heart:.

I, for one will miss them.
Sad news, I remember it was only 2009 when they were talking of launching a works F1 team again. I also remember the dreadful Mastercard Lola of 1997, 12 seconds per lap off the pace if I remember rightly.
That's a real shame. At one time they were without a doubt, the greatest volume constructor of single seater cars (and cars for many other series for that matter). Strangely their F1 efforts always failed to achieve the same level of success. The passing of the company should be seen in the same light as the loss of great names such as Team Lotus and Brabham from motorsport.
Very sad news, probably the last volume manufacturer of racing cars in the UK after Ralt, Reynard, van Diemen and others have all gone one way or another. They had been losing money for many years, though, and Martin Birrane was running the company out of his own pocket, so I understand that couldn't have gone on forever.

They shouldn't be remembered for the 1997 F1 car, if anything for the fabulous T70, the Bowmaker Racing F1 car from the 60s, and their many international successes in Indycars and sportscars, where latterly they kept the privateer prototype ranks alive.
Sadly, the world of motorsport has moved on so far from the point where anyone could buy a chasis from a company like Lola. It.s the kind of world that Bernie has always wanted. Motorsport will never be the same again.
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