Legard No More, bring on the Brundle and DC show.


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I have a little sympathy for Legard, it's difficult to transfer from radio commentary to TV but his style just wasn't right and I'm glad this move has been made. Whether having 2 ex-drivers commentate is a good thing we will have to wait and see, but I think MB has paid enough 'dues' as understudy to Murray and others to become a proper broadcaster in his own right. (And as long as it doesn't become too matey - I assume MB/his company is no longer DC's manager?)
Thank goodness Legard has gone, he was absolutely dreadful.

However, having two technical guys is a mistake, especially one as biased as Coulthard.
I wait to see just how blinkered he will be again when it comes to Red Bull and especially Vettel.

They need someone to fill in with supplementary commentary so it should have been another pundit rather than DC.
Surely Davidson or Chandhok would be much preferred to fill the gap over Coulthard? I could barely watch the build ups with Coulthard and E. Jordan..
It's nothing personal, but I'm glad Legard has gone. His commentating drove me bananas! However I don't agree with Coulthard coming in at all :nah: His Redbull leanings (let alone employment!) drive me to distraction. I can't remember the number of times last year he avoided (justifiable) criticism of Redbull when it was rightly due. He knows what side his bread is buttered on, obviously.
As has already been said, I'm not unhappy with Legard being replaced - each weekend I would switch on the TV thinking Legard's not so bad, only to change my mind about half way through qualifying!

As for Coulthard being the replacement - a big mistake and a missed opportunity, in my opinion. Coulthard is biased towards Red Bull and I think he won't add the enthusiasm required. Still, I'm hoping to be proved incorrect on that...
I won't miss Legard, but i don't see this being much better. The team needs one expert/ex-driver and the other should simply be a knowledgeable F1 fan. They should be able to bounce off each other to present a balanced commentary, one to get over excited, and one to say, 'well actually x, y, z'.

With MB AND DC it will be like listening to to two rocket scientists discussing the reversibility of orbits in relativistic rockets, boring, dull, technobabble IMO.
Agree with what everyone has said so far. DC is definitely not the replacement I would hope for.

Guess it may be five live commentry for another season..

Could be fun if Red Bull go backwards though..
Not the biggest fan of Legard so I'm not going to miss him but NO to DC. NO NO NO !!!

I just can't see how it's going to work.

The big question is, What has Crofty done to not get the job.

And if it isn't going to be Crofty then Ben Edwards is just the man for the job.

As posted above, it's going to be TV on, sound off, Radio 5 on from here on in.

Talk about guilty before proven innocent. None of you have heard Coulthard commentate yet, so it's a bit unfair to write him off just yet. We don't know what brief he has been given by the BBC - for all we know he may have been told to tone down the RB bias or find himself another job. The beeb may also have been told to cut costs and lose a presenter and we have to assume that Legard would have been one of the more expensive of the seven. Since he'd then need to be replaced in the commentary box, who does that leave to replace him? Jordan? McKenzie? Kravitz? It won't be Humphrey, since he's the anchor and if they didn't want to hire somebody new, that only leaves DC.

Let's give the man a chance before we all condemn him.
Jez, It's not just about DC the man (all though I admit I was never, ever a fan of his when he was a driver) but it's also about the make up and tone of the commentary.

The make of up a team of one presenter and one expert has worked for every sport since sports broadcasting began. Legard, Allen, Walker etc represents the fan in so much as their lack of involvement in the on track side of things gives a different perspective. Can you imagine for example, DC commentating on Damon Hill crossing the line in Australia 96 to take the title with the words "I've got to stop now, I've got a lump in my throat"?
Coulthard proved his bias last season when he could barely bring himself to say anything critical about Red Bull at all.
He even blamed Mark for Turkey if I remember correctly, reinforcing his favouritism for Vettel.

I have no reason to think he will be any different.

We need a commentator alongside Brundle, not another ex-driver.
I take Bernie's point on how many people can actually receive a full HD feed. I think there are still some in the UK that haven't got digital yet...
Ousting Legard is a major step forward, however they should have used some imagination when considering his replacement. Martin Brundle has done a good job in providing technical insights in the past however he is now past that but lacks the sort of passionate input of a Murray. He's not really front man commentator material, I may be wrong and stand to be corrected.

What I would have done is give David the tech/driver insight job and look for a Boris Becker or a John McEnroe type character from motorsport... :thinking: Gerhard Berger, perhaps.

Ps: I don't think David is as baised as he pretends to be, perhaps his ties with RedBull will slacken or completely sever and he'll just get on with the job of letting the viewers know what is going on off camera. Something James Hunt was supremely good at.
Yeah I'm cheap and have Freeview, which isn't HD in my area 'till November apparently. With the BBC internet feed being pretty crumby, i guess ill have to wait until 2012 season :disappointed:

If your cheap like me and won't pay for sat or cable, check your area here... http://www.freeview.co.uk/HD
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