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Anyone else think its weird the new Spectre film comes out on MONDAY.

Why not Friday ???? That is odd.

Film looks good. I do like a bit of mindless violence fun every now and then.

The thing that annoyed me most about Skyfall was M escaping over the moors using a torch. That was mental. All the rest of the crazy unbelievable stuff was cool, I liked that. The torch was too much. As if.

I would imagine it opens on a Monday to maximise it's opening weekend takings. The openening weekend revenue is calculated from when the film opens until the cinemas close on a Sunday. Hence they get a 7 day opening weekend.
I took the family last night. There's a scene where Bond turns to his latest beau and says "this isn't over yet" at which point I turned to my missus and said "that's a shame". I won't give away the plot for those that haven't seen it but I presume the writers just got hold of the scripts and story lines from Kingsmen, Austin Powers and The Incredibles and did a bit of a cut and paste job.

To put it in context, better than Fast and Furious 6 but not much.
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Sorry to be a grumpy old man but I like James Bond of past, even some of the newer ones, but the trailers for this make it look such a load of pants I'm not sure I'll even bother to even download the torrent when it's available. It looks like a right old CGI-fest.
I quite liked Skyfall.
IMHO Dalton portrayed Bond really truthful to the cold assassin of the books ... He really was ahead of his time. If you ask me, his movies are some of the most underrated of the franchise.
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