Jaguar C-X75

I was reading about this today, an interesting concept. The moment someone invents a clean high power power source (be it battery, fuel cell or something else) technology is going to explode (no pun intended)

It looks Japanese. I've been trying to find their 'X' type concept from a few years back that was absolutely Jag-like, Brit' lookin' and positively bitchin'. It would be perfect mated to the new technology. When I find it, I'll post it. Unless someone else gets there first.
X type or F type Fenders? Here's a link to the F type that never was.

The one I'm looking for is probably earlier. It looked somewhat more bestial and less like the "Fordy" looking things that actualy reached the market. I used the term 'X' type as in experimental as I'm not sure what they actually called it.

Of course, I could just be dreaming. In which case, I'll have to draw the thing and post that instead!

Anyway, thanks for the effort, FB.:thumbsup:
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