I'm feeling carsickagain!

HRT seem desparate to bring back names from F1's past that everyone had forgot existed, Karthikeyan, Yamamoto, Klien...

Who's next? Tora Takagi?
I was going so say a simalr thing in the Silly season bout to be fair to the guy, he did ok with a crappy car in 05.

My problem is 6ish years away from the sunday drives and a good few years away from the williams cockpit, very limited testing and a car i doubt even Alonso or Hamilton could make look respectable. Is he really going to acheive anything? Its going to be really hard for him to get back up to speed and make a long term carrer for himself

From HRT ponit of view its a bit of a bizzare appointment, Would they of been better off putting a younger GP2 guy and giving them a chance to blood themselves into F1? but i suppose the worlds second fastest Indian (no i cannot spell his name either) had a wad full of odsh to give to the team.

Still bet Chandahok must be very pivved though, he did aboustly nothing wrong and impressed after most of us was saying 'who the hell this guy' this time last year.
Kolles admited that having inexpericed drivers cost them dear, so maybe this is a new approach. Besides Karinthien will get Indian sponsors (mostly used to be Karun's), and has been racing elsehere and will be good for setup and the like.
tooncheese said:
Kolles admited that having inexpericed drivers cost them dear, so maybe this is a new approach.

Kolles is demented! They added next to nothing to that car! They spent nothing on upgrades and I doubt there is a driver on Earth who could have made one molecule of difference to that cars performance or potential.
Narain Karthikeyan in qualifying at Hockenheim in 2005 was the worst set-up car I have seen in the last 10 years. He looked like he was having an accident on the straights. Perhaps there's a video out there somewhere.

If that's the kind of experience Kolles wants then good luck to him - nothing to do with rupees I'm sure.
tooncheese said:
Indian sponsors (mostly used to be Karun's)

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin one, Indian corporate sponsors, Indian personal sponsors (i.e a truck full of cash) and an Indian Grand Prix.

Unfortunately for Karun, it's all about how much $$$$ you can bring to the party.

I say get Karun into the BBC commentary team ;)
Reportadly HRT weren't paying FOTA to stay in (who dooes the oney go to anyway), and were kicked out. Only the bare essentials for HRT.
An address in Boulevard du Theatre in Geneva don't come cheap TC and they have a Secretary General (Simone Perillo) who I don't think works for any of the teams. Presumably they have to hire lots of lawyers and advisors to make sure they don't stray into areas they shouldn't.

Sarnies for the meetings probably cost a bob or too as well ;)

F1Yorkshire said:
The details are a little hazy though. :givemestrength:

Of course they are, it's HRT.

Seriously though, if Chandhok really was in breach of/was not fulfilling his contract they should have just said that and ended it, instead of leaving everyone guessing and making themselves look silly.
In the article linked above it states "Karun failed to fulfill his obligations" which I would take as not passing over large bags of money to get his seat back. One wonders if it was made clear in his contract that if someone came along with a larger bag of cash he would have to sit in the stands and watch "his" car going round?

Did HRT carry any sponsors names in 2011?
That doesn't explain so many things about HRT:

  1. Why was Senna dropped for the British Grand Prix?
  2. Why would HRT be diplomatic to a "suspended" driver?
  3. Why did Chandhok claim to have a 2011 offer from HRT?
  4. Was this the same reason Kolles sacked Christijan Albers in 2007 (for Sakon Yamamoto)?

And most importantly - What is the point of HRT?
teabagyokel said:
And most importantly - What is the point of HRT?

Ok, I'd like to have a stab at that one if I may.

The original point of HRT was to be called Campos racing and capitalise (for that read "make cash out of") the fact that F1 racing is now popular in Spain for some reason.

The whole project went boobs aloft when everyone discovered that it's not actually F1 that is popular in Spain but a certain well known Spanish driver who currently drives for an Italian team.

So, Campos racing suddenly discovered that they were about as attractive an investment proposition as Gerald Ratner.

So in short, the point of HRT? Absolutely naff all.
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