IE9? Thoughts?


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I've been a firefox user for longer than I can remember, I still have microsofts broswer installed on my machine as its not worth the effort removing it. Now Mr Gates has launched his latest product and claims it is far superior to Firefox and Google Chrome.

I'll probably update my version but knowing microsoft it may have already been done without me knowing in an update.

Has anyone already installed it? And how compatible will it be with this new forum software?
I hate Internet Explorer with a passion, all versions.

Whenever there's a problem with the code, layout, design or anything at all, it's always Internet Explorer.

Has anyone already installed it? And how compatible will it be with this new forum software?
Certain functionality is actually disabled for Internet Explorer on this site, simply because it does not comply with the standards and I was unable to find a workaround.
The interactive charts on the overtaking and race hub pages for example are blocked for IE users.

My browser of choice is Chrome due to the awful memory leak problems in Firefox.

When it comes to development though, Firefox and Firebug win hands down.
The other thing to bear in mind is that IE9 will NOT work with XP - you need a minimum of DX10 for the graphics acceleration.
you only have to look at how many companies will NOT upgrade from XP and IE6, due to in-house applications not being written to run on anything else. What I found amusing was speaking to an MS employee who couldn't grasp why companies were not upgrading to 7. Minor details like the cost of hardware upgrades and redevelopment seem to have passed him by...
IE8 works far better/faster for me than previous versions for me, if you are using pre-IE8 and it is possible to upgrade, that would speed up things considerably.

I've not tried IE9 yet though, and doubt that I will anytime soon. 3 computers all using XP.

I've not found the perfect browser, and I've tried many.

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My browser of choice is Chrome due to the awful memory leak problems

I find this normally happens to me after 5 pints of strong West Country cider but other than that I've no idea what you're talking about.
I've just reformatted my laptop after it was suffering from bank holiday blues and have now installed google chrome. Doesn't this site look so shiny! I never realised the difference until now. Well its either the fancy browser or the screen wipes.
I Chromed mine yesterday on a whim, it is better than IE. I don't know quite why, it just is.
Don't blame me, a wax tablet and abacus are beyond explaining.
I'm reviving a bit of a dead thread here but personally I think IE9 is... wait for it.... fantastic :shocked:. This interactive charts thing (which I've had a look at in Chrome just now) is the first issue I've come across and I don't know anything about developing web-sites so I can't really comment on it. Having said that they've cut out a lot of the clutter that made IE7/8 so slow and I find that it's fast and on the whole I think I've had fewer problems with specific web-sites than I've had with Opera/Chrome.

I do tend to go in cycles with browsers though because I don't think any of them are perfect and in the end something about one of them will annoy me enough to switch to something else for awhile. For some reason I've never warmed to Firefox but I've used Chrome and Opera a lot in the past.

Now I've come out of the closet as an IE user I'll go and find a hole to hide in somewhere...
These are the charts which don't work in IE.


Over the winter I'll probably look at changing the software we use to something which works in all browsers.
Mozzarrella Firefox has a new update and is very good, I have not used Internet Explorer in a while, but it was awfully slow and froze from time to time, I have used Chrome, but not too much, it just seems strange Chrome...

For now, and probably for a long will be

Mozzarella Firefox for me :thumbsup:
I use Firefox at home, and we are forced to use IE at work.
Always the IE seems to be a couple of years behind Firefox, but I'm used to it.

Tried Chrome, realised you can't have your shortcuts on the screen ready to press as you need them (vital for someone like me that has about 20-30 I use every day) so uninstalled it, same day!
Didn't find it any quicker than Firefox, which was a disappointment after all the hype about it being built for browsing speed.
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