BTCC Hurrah! Reidy's back!


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Wonderful news from West Surrey Racing (aka Team RAC) today - the thinking man's racing driver, the fastest man never to win the BTCC, thoroughly good egg and bloody nice bloke Anthony Reid is going to be back behind the wheel of a British Touring Car for this weekend's Silverstone rounds.

He knows the team, but not the car, although he has plenty of rear-wheel drive experience, and BMW experience too come to that. The extra ballast will make life difficult, but I could see him in the lower reaches of the top 10 - and then in the reversed-grid race well, who knows?

He should certainly put a certain J. Herbert Esq. in the shade, I reckon.
Another reason to tune in then (if any more were needed)

I'm not expecting big things from Johnny Herbert to be honest but it won't stop me supporting him for the next 3 races.

Can't think why :whistle:

I'm going to miss it.
And to make matters worse, I'll have to try and avoid the results for over a week before I can watch it on Sky (assuming it records OK).

Considering I have to update the home page standings I can't imagine it will be easy... :D

The good thing about BTCC though is it's still worth watching even when you know the results.
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