Hispania (Campos) may miss all pre-season testing


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I can't see how they can blame Dallara for all of their present issues. If Campos / HRT had got their act together from the get go they would have had the pre-season testing time they needed to iron out some of the bigger issues.

Dallara haven't built an F1 chassis for a good few years and F1 dosn't stand still so it's hardly a shock that the car isn't up to speed yet.

That said, as we've discussed before, a limited in season testing programme in the first year for new teams would have made total sense (to everyone except the FIA).


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Hispania plan to bring an "experienced" driver to Friday test sessions to make sure ther drivers are up to scratch. Perhaps they should have thought of that before signing up two blokes without experience of F1?

Babel Fish translation of AutoBild headline:

HRT team head Colin Kolles would like on running Fridays " experienced Piloten" begin, in order to be able to estimate its both drivers better


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teabagyokel said:
Not Piquet?
They wouldn't would they? :o

Given the team is Spanish based I would say that Marc Gene would be the most likely.


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Cancer Cowboy said:
Wouldn't Anthony Davidson be the logical choice?
Isn't he already signed up for a DTM ride. Puts him out of contention for even just a Friday practice drive in F1..?

Shame, cos I'm a fan of A.D.


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It depends on when the DTM season starts, also fairly sure he would rather be in an F1 car, even if it is a dog..


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A.D. stated during the course of the weekend that he wouldn't want to drive that car, mind you they have signed a test driver now not sure he has experince though.
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