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Something I've been thinking about for a while, but as Formula One has commited suicide, it has forced my hand and what was an idea is now going to have to become reality (as i for one won't be around anymore if the other forums are as dead and the FOTA, FIA war goes through)

Some of you may (or most likely not) remember on 606 I did a detailed Preview of the WRC and there events for half a series before there own problem's meant that wasn't worth watching either and I was thinking of doing it again but for other series like MotoGP, LMS Grand Alms etc. The my WRC didn't seem to encourage other people to post at least and I wondered what you thought about bringing it back.

Also I would like some suggestions about what i could do to help drumm up some interest in the other Area's of the forum, What sort of things I could post there that people would find interesting and get some debate going.
Thanks AMR, I think most people would welcome input into other areas (I know I would).

Several of us follow a lot of motorsports and I know quite a few people watch MotoGP, BTCC, WTCC, etc.

Feel free to do whatever you want, the forums are there to be used so if you want to do series overviews/previews/reviews or anything else just go ahead.

However, don't think that the "F1" forum will die because of the current FIA-FOTA situation.
If the split does happen than what will most likely occur is there'll be a new sub-forum for the new FOTA backed series.
Thanks Brogan

The f1 section won't die, but i feel this spilt is going to bad or even worse has the american equivalent and don't want to be a part of it. So therefore it would be rather pointless for me to post the f1 forum if the spilt does happen and with the other areas of the racing based forum can be a little quiet it would proberly force me to leave this place. which would be a major shame because this is a great place.

That is why im asking for suggestions to stuff in the other areas of this forum.
weather is because its of my own lazyness or just rather like to get involved with debate rather than at my own debate. SO i would to put out there what other people would like to see. Because another problem could end up being is I post stuff in Moto gP, Touring Car etc threads and end up talking to myself which is hardly a debate lol.
So im just asking the very nice people here what they would like to see there.

And on the Race Preview stuff there are a lot of good news sites who can do that already so im seeing if people would actually come here and read my version or would rather go straight to an site like Autosport or something.

So if anybody wants to put a suggestion, it would be very welcome thank you.

*EDIT* p.s and also i think this site could be better if it wasn't so Formula one based anyway, it was about time that somebody put there name up to try and get the other areas going no matter what what what happens in Formula 1
Well personally I think if people were introduced to the other sports they might then start to take more of an interest.

YouTube is always good for demonstrating just how exciting a particular motorsport can be.
How about some threads dedicated to each series with some good YouTube clips?

Of course what we really need is more members.
The larger the member base, the more likely it is you'll find people to discuss other series with.
I've tried everything I can think of to advertise and promote the site so it's up to everyone else now :D
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