MotoGP Has pedrosa Shot himself in the foot by swiching to Tyres?


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So Pedrosa has made the switch mid-season to Bridgestones.
I cant see what possible advantage there is by doing that mid-season. He has learnt to ride the bike with Michelin's and surely will have to adaprt his riding style to suit the Bridgestones .
Also all the data and setups for the Repsol Honda is with the Michelin Tyres. It took Rossi the great man himself the whole of pre-season to get used to his tyres and Pedorsa does't have that time to get data, setups and adjust his own riding style to the new tyres.

If this is a late dramtic bid to try and push himself in the title fight. I think Pedora has made the wrong decision.

Whats your opinion on this
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