Hamilton's Roller-Coaster ride



Lewis Hamilton is currently leading the WDC on 48 points at the midway point of the season.

I found this very interesting graphical representation of his performance tso far on Ed Gorman's Blog in The Timesonline http://timesonline.typepad.com/formula_one/2008/07/reflections-on.html. It certainly has been a roller-coaster ride for him thus far this season compared with last year.


Do you think that buoyed on from his fantastic victory at Silverstone, that further big dips can be avoided and he'll be consistant for the rest of the season? There seam to be big improvements in car performance of late and McLaren look to be equal to, or ahead of Ferrari ; more updates to aero are planned for Hockenheim
http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/68982 so will this be Hamilton's 1st WDC year?
Thanks for that salti, interesting.

I think all the leading drivers this season would show a similar pattern, none of them have been able to put results together consistently.

Experience suggests to me that they'll start getting their acts together a bit better over the second half of the year, anyone who can will be in a strong position.

The exception to this has been Kubica of course, and the reason that he's still involved in the championship battle is precisely because the Ferrari and McLaren drivers have tripped up so often and gifted him high points scores.
Hard to say, but he has been quickest in practice so far at Hockenheim, although the weather isn't exactly brilliant.
Ron Dennis said after the race, words to the effect that LH could have gone quicker, but it was a more disciplined race - does this suggest that LH has finally realised to win the WDC you have to stay on the track and finish the race - just a thought.
I dunno about that, he didn't seem to be so keen on that in qualifying!

Certainly last season, he was too much of a karting driver - needed to win every race. He couldn't string an Alonso [2005] run of 2nds and 3rds together without being frustrated towards the end of the season. I remember thinking in China last year "You're not racing Raikkonen, get some new tyres!"

(Although it has to be said, had McLaren favoured either of their drivers, they would be World Champion. Plus, if Alonso hadn't been stroppy at the Hungaroring, he would be World Champion now. Ditto if Hamilton was held back in Monaco...)

As for the other drivers:-

HAMILTON: :1st: 3, :2nd: 1, :3rd: 1, 5th 1, 10th 1, 13th 1, RET 1
MASSA: :1st: 3, :2nd: 1, :3rd: 1, 5th 1, 13th 1, RET 2

If you're leading the WDC on countback based on a 10th place at the French GP, it is tight!

I think Massa's season would look similarly rollercoaster-like.

RAIKKONEN [last 4 races]: Hit someone in back, Hit by someone in back, Exhaust breaks [2nd], Spins, worn tyres and bad calls [4th]!
Those stats are wrong in 2008 he won in Monaco and smashed in Canada!!!!

No thats wrong I'm a tit - 2008 races at bottom - telegraph will love me!!!
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