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Neel Jani, the Red Bull test driver has had to remove some of his Tweets, stating that:

"(I had) really worked my neck out ... on Sunday during a 400 kilometre test at the wheel of the Red Bull RB7."

He then said "high speed cornering" was the cause."

Red Bull stated that the Tweets hadn't been made by Jani, even though it was his personal Twitter account LOL

Apparently he was using an oval to do "straight-line testing", which under the regulations is allowed, believe it or not.
Just read this article


Not really sure of the regs on this as I know straight line testing is allowed but apparently there is a loop hole which means they can get away with testing on ovals and thats what Red Bull were doing. What I can't swallow in this article is the test driver in question Neel Jani, who was complaining about how sore his neck was bless him, DIDN'T write the tweets himself. I can't really believe that someone hacked Jani's twitter account and left a cryptic message about a sore neck to try and drop Red Bull in it. Surely there would have been far more damaging things they could have put!

Interesting anyway. It probably doesn't break the rules but certainly isn't in the spirit of the rules. As for Jani - I wonder how long he'll remain at Red Bull bless him!

The internet - a very dangerous place. A friend of mine once got sacked over pictures of him with a drink in his hand when he was suppose to be off sick. Be careful folks!
22.1 a) Track testing shall be considered any track running time undertaken by a competitor entered in the Championship with the exception of :
i) promotional or demonstration events carried out using tyres provided specifically for this purpose by the appointed supplier ;
ii) one three day young driver training test, carried out on a site approved by the FIA for Formula 1 cars and between the end of the last Event of the Championship and 31 December of the same year, any such driver having not competed in more than two F1 World Championship Events ;
iiisix one day aerodynamic tests carried out on FIA approved straight line or constant radius sites between 1 January 2010 and the end of the last Event of the Championship. Any of these days may be substituted for four hours of wind-on full scale wind tunnel testing to be carried out in a single twenty four hour periodU.
Thanks for the rules Sportsman - does that mean they've broken the rules or not? Sounds like they're just inside if it was on an oval - if thats the case though why create the big hoo haa by deleting the tweets and claiming he didn't post them? odd.
Whoops - sorry Brogan just posted an article on exactly the same thing!
No worries.

I didn't think it needed its own thread as such as it was another Twitter rumour so I thought it might be useful to have a general gossip thread for future stuff like this.

Twitter is great for this sort of stuff :D
The bit about "constant radius" is interesting - surely that's a way of gauging whether or not your baseline set-up is inducing understeer or oversteer by running into the corner at a pre-determined speed for the aero set-up? Which is not really like a straight-line test at all, IMO...:unsure:
Are they actually going to change anything? This new world for F1 is quickly becoming another exercise in painting over the cracks.
That would be a shame. A 1.6 putting out several hundred ps would slot straight into a normal road car. I thought F1 was planning to go "green". Er... Ish... :)
I posted this on the "Tech 15 ..." thread as a joke. Now I'm not joking.:givemestrength:

Someone needs to remind them that this a grown ups game. If they can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.8-)

Edit: At the very least stay out of the bloomin' way :crazy:

Edit 2: Oh, and HRT should be grateful that McLaren don't protest their blocking:(
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