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Anyone been watching this?

Amazing TV, probably the best thing on the box in recent years! It's a cross between Lord of the Rings, Tudors and Rome with a bit of Sharpe thrown in.

I've watched the 1st 6 episodes now and I'm getting hooked. It's definitely not one for the kids to watch and I don't think I would be able to upload any clips that would do it justice without offending anyone with a weak stomach. Before you think it is all just brutal violence there is a good plot and a very good cast.

Few notable names; Sean Bean, Mark Addy (Full Monty), Lena Headey (Queen from 300) and Peter Dinklage (The angry dwarf in Elf).

I would recommend it to anyone, just not for viewing while eating. It's on Sky Atlantic but for those who don't have it I'm sure you will be able to find it online.
I think we've got this on the Sky box somewhere.
Might even find the time to watch it at some point.

From the few snippets I've seen though, it looks good.
I got rid of Sky a while ago, but it looks really good, hopefully it pops up on DVD in the not too distant future
I'm enjoying it but.....take out the sex and you could show it before 9pm. Add the sex and you can;'t. who are they trying to fool? cross between Lord of the rings and my arse. if you've read The Lord Of The Rings and not just watched the films then you've got a point that I'll challenge, utter horse shit in comparison but I'm enjoying the series for what it is - a representation of a series of novels screen played for a television audience.
The lord of the rings reference comes from the in depth fantasy world that George RR Martin has created. It's produced by HBO so of course there is plenty of gratuitous sex and violence as that is their speciality. I'm still not sure you could show it before 9pm without toning down the violence either. For an example although I never seen anyone stabbed through a throat with a lance but the way they showed the jousting death was highly believable.

I'm actually going to get myself a copy of the books and compare them to the TV series. It's definitely one of the more enjoyable TV series that has been on our screens in recent years.
I've recently read the first book and really enjoyed it (eager to read the next one, but I know the series is not yet finished). Hopefully I'll get around to watching the TV series next week, though I really don't know how they're going to fit so much into one series!
My mates wife has just left him. Took his satellite dish & all his Bob Marley records. Poor bastard. No woman, No Sky.

Been there... Scores are even though - 1 each and a draw! 1st left me, I left the second, and the 3rd and I agreed to move on.

Never a dull moment!


I'm actually going to get myself a copy of the books and compare them to the TV series. It's definitely one of the more enjoyable TV series that has been on our screens in recent years.

Yeah, I'm going to buy the books too, critique on this thread in a few weeks then?
I'm reading LOTR again at the moment but will have that done by the end of the weekend.

I probably won't buy the hard copies, I'll just find an ebook format to download. I had a massive library of about 2000 books on my hard drive before my laptop imploded. Need to build it all up again.

Definitely want to do a comparison of the TV show and the books.
Just caught the latest episode and boy was this one a game changer! It's all kicking off now and can't wait for the next one!

Also some of the hottest lesbian action you will see on TV
Did V get any better? I stopped not long after red mist as I found my brain was going numb..
Not really :D
I just have it on in the background late at night when I'm working on the site.

I'm hoping to finally watch Game Of Thrones this evening to see what all the fuss is about.
Me and the wife will watch the first one together and then we make a decision on whether it's one for me, one for her, one for both of us, or deleted from the planner :D
1st one is a bit fast paced as it's trying to introduce all the main characters. Should be enough to get you hooked! Only another 3 episodes left in this series but there's another 4 books to go and more in the pipeline!
Watched the first 2 episodes of this tonight.

Very slick and polished - obviously a high budget series.

It seems more politics than fantasy at the moment, but I'm interested to see how it develops.
I'll be watching the latest episode in around an hours time but some Thrones related news for you.

Sean Bean has just re-affirmed his legend status after a kerfuffle outside a bar over the weekend. 52 year old Mr Bean was out dining with a 22 year old former Playboy Bunny when some Southern lout was gesturing at said model and mouthing off with a lot of lewd comments. Sean stepped in and diffused the situation but the lout later returned and punched him in the face and then stabbed him in the arm with a broken glass.

Not sure what happened to the lout but Sean refused all offers of medical attention and just went to the bar, borrowed their 1st aid kit and ordered another beer.

They make us tough in Yorkshire!

WTF!!!! Not what I was expecting, how can they do that to the main character.
Devious little ****! yes I know the swear filter will have picked that one up but that boy deserves it!
I like the sound of this but don't have Sky Atlantic unfortunately, so the new King Arthur adaption "Camelot" that started last Saturday is where I'm getting my medieval fix. You can watch it here:

Looks like it's going to be pretty good. The core Arthur story is all going to be there I think, so in that sense it's nothing new, but the adaptation of some characters seems to be quite interesting - Merlin in particular stood out as quite new and different.

Lots of sex and BOOOOOOOOOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Sorry for the off-topic post...
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