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I think there is one somewhere about the impact it could have on the future of F1 but I don't think that there is one dedicated to the series in it's own right on the General Motorsports forum. Thought it deserved one.
Team China Racing has officially been anounced as the second team to be given entry to the Formula E series.

The series will apparently have 10 races (all evening) and 10 teams running 2 drivers each. Apparently the drivers will jump into a brand new car part way through the race whilst the original charges and then switch back at a later point. This involves a 100 yard dash.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing this series and hope its picked for live coverage by terrestial TV. I wonder what sort of drivers will end up in it?
Sounds a bit farcical to me.

Are they going to be pelted with wet sponges by members of the other teams whilst running between cars? :rolleyes:
Getting a terrestrial broadcaster on board at the very start would be a great way of boosting the image of this series. Somehow though, I seriously doubt there would be any takers and I imagine this in the UK at any rate, will end up on something like Sky, Motors TV, Speed or at the very best a terrestrial digital channel such as ITV4.

It does sound interesting and I wouldn't mind watching it. The plan was to host races in major cities so I wonder if this will still be the case? The streets of Birmingham still hold a permission to have a race so there is one option?
The article I read says thats still the plan. Rome has been confirmed and they know they'll be one in China but they've not announced the city yet. Whilst I'm sure Birmingham would do a decent job I think a London race would be better for notching up the series image. As would a Paris race.

As for TV. Any chance CH4 might take a gamble on it? They did want the F1 and it would fit with their funky cool pc alternative image. They even have digital channels to spread it across.
For a race to be held in London there would have to be an act of parliament and we all know how fast they move when they don't want to. It took Birmingham almost 20 years of effort to get a race on their streets back in the late 80's. I would imagine with the green angle and a government looking for any way possible to provide another "feel good factor" a-la the Olympics then anything would be possible but 2014 seems like an awfully short time frame to get something sorted.
Especially as they are announcing the calander in the next few days with apparently 'a few suprises'. Rio is the only other confirmed one.
There is a bill going through Parliament I think - or at least one has been proposed - to lift the restriction on holding street races in the UK. That would give local councils the power to sanction races. The rallying community are understandably keen but other series would also surely benefit.
After reading up a lot on this new series I've decided I really need to be supportive of what they are trying to do so going to attempt to follow it with interest. To be honest from the promo on the website its not a giant leap into the unknown as has all the elements of a good racing series. I think it'll be the noise that will be the odd thing. See the cars in action here:

I think they've delib shown the cars running in the rain so we know they can. It also mentions '5 continents' which makes me think they prob have a race in Australia (return to Adalaide?) and South Africa up their sleeves. It will be interesting to see which countries push for races because I would imagine that not having to pay the Bernie tax would make it a good deal easier.

Drayson racing are the confirmed British entry team wise and have been working with the FIA to help develop the technology which should put them at the front of the series. Interestingly though Mclaren are the ones designing the power system for the FIA to base their cars on which makes me wonder if they will field a team. It does sound like the sort of thing thats right up Ron's street and Mclaren entering would certainly up the publicity. It would probably mean Parfeet and Turvey driver wise though. Speaking of drivers if I was the FIA and really wanted to push this series I would be talking to a certain Michael Schumacher about driving in it as the column inches would go up no end.

Whilst I doubt it will make a massive amount of difference I am going to email both the BBC and CH 4 suggesting the show TV coverage of this series and support it. I'm sure it would have more impact the more people did it so I incourage you to do the same if you have time.

I undetstand the limitations of electric cars but the Zero Emmisions thing I think is important. I know all the flaws with the idea etc etc but I still think the attempt to do something should be supported.
The other cities prov are:

Buenos Aires

There will be 2 more confirmed at somepoint. Borris Johnson seems very excited about it.
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