Force India is a junior Mercedes GP?


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in the whole discussion about macca and mercedes severing links, the absence of force india in any press release was deafening. after all, this team uses the same mercedes engines as mclaren does.

some would expect that if mercedes drops all links with mclaren, it would do the same with force india.

however, not a word, not a peep. and then this appears in the news:

after reading this, the conclusion can be that force india seems to become a junior team for mercedes. and that leaves the big question of the day... where is adrian sutil? since mercedes have not announced their second driver, why not adrian sutil in the mercedes next year?

ps. and thanks bro for adding all these nice and nifty pics to my postings! a job well done and appreciated. since i myself have no idea how to do that, i am happy you have taken that role :)
Mercedes hasn't dropped all links with McLaren, they have sold their shares (they had 40% or so). They still supply McLaren with engines, a lot of support and their association is still described by both parties as a partnership.

F1 just isn't F1 without a Scot, so I hope Di Resta gets a proper drive and pronto!
I seem to recall not so long ago a lot of people were claiming that Force India were the McLaren B team.

As we've seen though, there are a lot of associations in F1 and it's no surprise that Mercedes are now taking advantage of their new position to exert influence on a team they provide engines to.

It is only a test role but who knows, he may end up being better than one of their current drivers...
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