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Hi guys,

I've been away on holiday and then busy with other things, so I'm way behind with statistics.
I will get back to them as soon as I can.

In the meantime, does anyone have any idea why the Singapore Technical Report did not
appear on the FIA website? It should have been available from this page a few hours after
the race, but had not appeared by Wednesday, when the site was updated ready for the
Japanese GP. ... event.aspx


Welcome back Brian.

No idea on the document I'm afraid.
I did notice that it hadn't appeared by Monday and then never checked again.

Unfortunately you can't even contact the FIA about it and can only access historical publications with an FIA log in.
Not a very 'friendly' website. Not surprising perhaps.

Incidently, and don't tell anyone, but the 2008 pages are still reachable.


However, the naming is not always obvious, so the British GP is

Most of the others are what you would expect though.

I expect they will disappear soon.

It's not just me, I've had queries from FORIX & Autosport to see if I had located
a copy.
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