F1 Books going cheap at The Works


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If any of you happen to live near a "The Works" bookshop, take a quick look at the sports section. I've just picked up "Regga - The Extraordinary Two Lives of Clay Regazzoni" for £2.99. It's a Haynes book by Christopher Hilton that should have cost £35 when brand new. I also noticed, Remembering Senna, A history of Benetton team, Villenueve in pictures and a couple of other Haynes books at massive knock down prices.

Worth a look if you are out and about shopping anyway.
For anyone interested in the technical aspects of F1, there's a Haynes manual on the RB6 just released. ~£12 online.

Haven't read much of it yet, but it looks good at first sight. Its got some nice pics/ technical drawings and is (obviously) very current, talking about the new regs.
"Complete Encyclopedia Of Formula One" - only £1.99?

Thanks a lot Cider! Think I am going to go on a spending spree....on books!

Never thought I would say that :embarrassed:
Think I got the last of their stock of Regga books, sorry guys. Order lots Sly, the delivery cost is still the same.
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