Engine Changes

I don't think anyone has mentioned the biggest change due to no cosworth next year. How are the prices going to be affected in FF1? The option of fast teams with slow engines will be gone!
Williams confirm long term deal with Mercedes _ Does that mean a German driver for one of the current drivers ? Or someone suggested Susie Wolff because her man is Mercedes boss

Toro Rosso will run Renault hardly surprising at all
I like the new sound, apart from the places when the gear changes - that bit sounds 'unnatural' to me. But the actual rev sounds sounds fine, in my opinion.
In terms of the sound of F1, I'll be most happy when the off-throttle braking cracking sound is finally gone!!!
I hope it sounds a lot better than that when it's bolted on to a car and is out on track. The clip doesn't sound like F1, it's not different to other motorsports and barely better than what you'd get out of a Renaultsport Clio.
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