Ecclestone mulling over delegating some authority

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Step forward one Flavio Briatore...

Apparently the two had discreet talks in Monaco and Ecclestone could see Briatore as his natural successor.

Personally, I cannot imagine a worse choice, given how many people view him following crashgate.

Source: ESPN F1
Re: Ecclestone mulling over delagating some authority

I could see this coming.

Bernie and Flavio are very close friends.
Bernie's not getting any younger and at some point will have to start the process of handing over to someone.
Flavio's out of a job and has just had his ban overturned in court.

I'm with you though Jez, it would be a disaster for F1.

I wonder what CVC would have to say about this and whether they get any say in the matter?
You would presume so considering they effectively bought Bernie out.
I cannot imagine that Ecclestone can do any more than recommend a successor. Briatore keeps protesting his innocence after the courts overturned his punishment, but I don't remember them overturning the verdict, so in my book that makes him still guilty as charged (although I am not a lawyer, so could have my facts wrong).

Also, his boat has now been impounded for alleged tax irregularities over his chartering service.

Source: Telegraph
Maybe this is Bernie's "subtle" was of reminding people that things could get even worse once he retires :dunno:
Strange that Briatore should continue to protest his innocence given he and Pat Symonds said to the FIA

"Each of them recognising his share of responsibility for the deliberate crash involving the driver Nelson Piquet Jr at the 2008 Grand Prix of Singapore, as "Team Principal" of Renault F1 where Mr Flavio Briatore is concerned, they have expressed their regrets and presented their apologies to the FIA."

No surprise that Bernie wants to look after his mate but this would be very bad for the image of F1 if Briatore gets a senior role at FOM. Given the new management at the FIA and more sensible approach to stewarding (although Monaco threw up some oddities) it would be a great shame if the commercial rights holder just move power from one chief exec driven by egotism to another, without ever being able to see the long view.

p.s anyone have any idea what "subtle" negotiations are?
It just makes you wonder who made the decision to give Bernie contol over F1's commercial side for life! How could he not have seen the problems with that plan?

And now, he'll annoint his successor, although it remains to be seen what the teams (especially Renault) will make of a convicted cheat taking the helm!
I have to admit that I have always wondered about the rights "for life" aspect. When Bernie passes on, to whom do the commercial rights go? Do they revert to the FIA or FOM?
siffert_fan said:
I have to admit that I have always wondered about the rights "for life" aspect. When Bernie passes on, to whom do the commercial rights go? Do they revert to the FIA or FOM?

Bernie no longer owns the commercial rights though, he's an employee of CVC (the company who now does). Presumably CVC now own the rights for the balance of the period Bernie negotiated.
As far as I know, fat_jez is correct.

Bernie at some point in the past assumed the role and gradually took ownership of the commercial rights.
Without any person, team or group seemingly voicing any objection or concern.

He subsequently sold what he had to CVC and is now employed by them.

It's quite incredible really when you think about it.
Bernie takes something which he doesn't own and becomes exceedingly rich from the work and expenditure of others (circuit owners, teams, sponsors, etc.).

I can't think of any other instance in history where something like this has happened.
He effectively became a broker, negotiating deals with circuits and teams and taking a very nice commission on the way. I'd love to know how much money the FIA got when he signed that 100 year deal.
I think this may have been mentioned before but Bernie can also sell on the TV rights to other peolpe. For example in 1996 he sold the TV rights to F1 in Spain to a Mr F Briatore. Incredibly (hope you can feel the irony) Mr Briatore then managed to find a Spanish driver with some talent and signed him to drive for the F1 team he managed resulting in a huge increase in TV viewers and revenue from the Spanish market. During this period Mr Ecclestone also agreed to set up a 2nd Grand Prix in Spain just in case Mr Briatore found himself short of a few bob should there be any allegations of tax evasion.

I should point out that the company mentioned in the article, Formula FB Business, is nothing to do with me :D

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