Driver involvement in overtaking

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Can people people stop with Monthy Python english humor/ cynism BS.

It is lost me complete.
I've never understood them, and always found weird, slow and incredibly boring. (That goes for Woody Alen movies as well.)

English "humor" just isn't funny to most non english people.

I don't understand why simple reasonable solutions to improving passing (witch were actually used before in F1, and/or are used in at least some production cars).

Maybe this weird english "humor" or "attitude" is why some want to keep F1 in the shit status it is today or find any pleasure.
But to boredom is just boredom.
And F1 is about boring to me as Monthy Python (or even worse).

It's boring form an (on track) racing point of view, it boring from technological point of view, it boring from car enthusiast's point of view. There's nothing to excited about unless rain and/or "canadian tarmac/ surface degradation" kicks in.

Maybe some find "excitement" in "points racing", that's to say to just keep on comparing points, but not me.
Maybe I just lack "english attitude" towards "excitement".

fat jez

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I'm Scottish and I find English humour (note the missing u, we're a British site, not an American one) amusing.

Anyway, since you're trotting out the same old stuff about finding F1 boring and not adding anything new, can we assume this conversation is at an end? Yes? Good.

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