CTA League of Nations - how many countries are represented here?


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So whilst this has always been thought of a UK based forum (until it's erstwhile leader went off to seek the American dream) we've always had a good cross section of nations represented here. I was just wondering what nations we did have regularly posting on here at the moment.

I can think of

Italy (2 new and very knowledgeable posters)
Germany ( I think!?! - although Rutherford doesn't post anymore)
Finland (Bleu)

We used to have a New Zealander and I'm stunned we have no Irish representatives.

Which countries have I missed guys? Declare yourselves! Don't worry this isn't a Donald Trump build a wall thing but I'm also fascinated on how differently the sport is viewed and reported nation to nation.
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Victoria, B.C. One of the best towns for walking I have ever seen. We also spend 3-4 months a year in our homeland, to spend time with our daughter.
With the family we went to Victoria for the winter holidays a few years ago and it was wonderful. We Went to Butchart Gardens to see the carolers and the lights. Had tea at the Fairmount and went on a day trip to Sydney. Lovely vacation.
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