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I currently killing 10 minutes before I have to meet with one of my apprentices and I'm listening to some tunes.

As I listen to a fantastic cover of Born to Run recorded by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, I started to wonder what other great covers are out there.

To record a great cover I feel a band / artist has to do enough to make the song theirs but not too much to destroy the original song.

So what are your favourite covers?
Nothing Compares 2 U. I didn't quite like the original version even though it was a massive hit. But this version, boy my mind explodes. There's a catch though. Prince wrote the song for Sinéad O'Connor, so it's a "reverse cover" if you will.

I've just been thinking. Let's open this up a bit more to include really good (but far less well known) original versions of songs that are less famous than their cover version.

Here's an example of what I mean. Police on my back is one of my favourite Clash songs. Turns out it was a cover and this is the (and every bit as brilliant) original. Who knew?

Kirsty's version is good but it's always awkward when a lady sings a song that's clearly supposed to be sung by a man about a lady.
I know it's not strictly the correct thread, but I don't care!

I love the song so much, that I'm pretending it's a cover version... :love:
Some of you may know I'm no great fan of the Beatles but Otis Redding made this song listenable to.

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