Connection Problems with CTA


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Im having conncetion Problems with CTA. I have no other problems with any other website and have tried two differnt web Browsers Safari for windows and IE.

It is either really slow or the site conks out, althouth this is intermittent

It seems to be masquerading itself has server problems with CTA although Brogan asures me its not at his end (for once LOL )

Its not a probem with my conncetvity, check it and alls fine, and also does'nt count for the fact that i have no other problems with any other webiste.

So anybody else having problems, or have any ideas
Just to narrow it down AMR, can you list your OS and browsers, including versions?

That way if anyone else has problems we can try and narrow down where the problem is.

I've tested the site with Win 7 using IE8, Chrome and Firefox with no problems.
I've also tested it with Vista using IE7 and Firefox, again with no issues.

If anyone else has issues, please provide as much info' as possible.
Just to add to that Brogan, seeing as I've read this post, the site also works lovely with Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Safari and Firefox (latest versions). You can add them to your list of compatible browser :)

Hope you get sorted Andrea :)
Does it happen with all pages or only when doing certain tasks such as posting or using chat?

What are the exact symptoms?
Do you get any error messages at all or is it just slow and hangs?
Yes its on every page. Erm just get the old IE cannot connet to page error.

Although on chat when i send a meassage that seems to update fine. The only thing i think it could be is not* that CTA cannot connect but something is stopping it from doing it. Like theres something blocking the conncetion from CTA servers to my computer.

Its quite frankly really bizzare.

I can't find any logs on the server or database which indicate any problems.

You could try deleting all your history, cache and cookies from your browers and trying again.

I don't know what else to suggest really as there don't appear to by any problems on the server side :dunno:

Have you got a laptop or PC?
I was wondering whether if you had a laptop you could try connecting from a different IP address/network and seeing if you still have the same problem.
Who is your ISP, AMR?

Can you open a dos prompt and run the following, please?


and then post the results. This should show whether you are having trouble getting as far as the website and whether there are any abnormal delays that could lead to time outs.
That looks pretty normal, AMR, although hop 8 is a little large. Have you tried using Firefox, Safari or Opera?
what is hop 8? out of interest. and ill try the test when the site becomes trips out. Might be something is slow to respond and that hop 8 might become bigger.
It's a hop between two routers on the internet somewhere, don't think it's anything special. I can't tell if it's your ISP or just part of the bigger internet world
I don't really know what else to suggest :unsure:

No-one else has reported any problems and yet you don't have problems visiting other sites.

Have you tried speaking to your ISP and asking them to check for problems at their end?
It's unlikely but I can't think of anything else as the problem seems to be specific to you only.

We've actually had a server upgrade within the last few weeks and since then the speed and reliability has been much improved.
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