Citroen 2CV 24 Hours


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A bit random this (and not really a track day so sorry) but my and three of my friends are considering entering a car in next year's 2CV endurance race at Snetterton.

Those of you unfamiliar with this fabulous event see here:

Just wondering if anyone here had done anything similar, or was a National B licence holder and/or had done an ARDS course (this being the pre-requisite for driving in the event)? Any information would be much appreciated, including a good source of second-hand club racing vehicles...
Sounds like great fun.

I know plenty of people who have done track days and "The Ring" but nothing as formal as a race.

I think one of the members may have done some racing but I can't remember who.
I'll have a search through my old posts see if I can find out who it is.
Brogan said:
I knew I had read it somewhere.

According to this post, Speshal has had some race experience so perhaps he can help?

Ha ha cheers but I was firmly on the other end of a spanner LOL

That said, I used to work at the Thruxton Motorsport centre and you can take your ARDS test there in a choice of cars from £275

To get a competition license they will need to purchase a starter pack from the MSA and attend a novices course at your local racing school. Then a doctors check up and then it's just a case of completing the paperwork and taking the ARDS test LOL

Hope this helps :D

*and as an aside even James May can pass this one ;)
Thanks Speshal, that's reassuring. On the MSA site it all looks so simple, I thought there must be a catch in there somewhere! But, apparently not.

Now...just have to do the sums...
A 2CV 24 hour endurance race? Good lord!

Probably great fun but I think they're hideous things. Those and VW Beetle's.
I just don't get the fascination. Horrid! Plus I hold (perhaps rather unfairly) the opinion that the owners of said vehicles are all a little bit 'ooooh look at me...aren't I wacky!? Aren't I a little bit mad and off the wall! I'm kookie, Iam...'

Well having driven a 2CV I can say with confidence I would prefer not to drive one again on the road - they're far too antiquated for today's modern traffic.

Around a race track though it could be a lot of fun.
I'm not sure if the cars are standard (apart from the obligatory safety changes) or have upgraded suspension, brakes, engine, etc.

As for VW Beetles, they're not that far removed from an early 911.
A bit more power, leather and a few luxuries and you'd almost be there...almost... ;)
Are they still running that event? I remember being at Snetterton testing and we stayed over to watch the first few hours. Absolutely hilarious to watch, especially at the esses. They lean over so much but never seem to roll over(is it true that they won't?), surprised no-one was sea sick.
Slows them down about 10 mph when they put the lights on....
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