Charlie Whiting to meet fake Charlie Whiting


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Lucky sod!

Whiting has put aside about 30 minutes in his hectic pre-race schedule to chat with the Canadian tweeter and show him around. F1 teams Caterham, Force India, HRT, Mercedes, McLaren and Red Bull also extended invites to their hospitality areas on Thursday. The Caterham Team also offered up a paddock pass for McArdle's wife, Helen, so she can join in on the fun. Lotus sponsor TW Steel also offered him one of its F1 team watches to take home.

His Twitter account is here:!/charlie_whiting
I think the guy is a legend! Always humorous, and clearly loves the sport!

Fair play, although I echo the lucky sod sentiments.

I'm off to open up a fake account!!
Hahahaha nice :)

I like this sentiment.

“I guess it's a cliché to say that it's a dream come true, but it's been a goal of mine to have a conversation with Charlie because the perspective he has on the sport is unique. He isn't beholden to a team or driver, and he really is the one guy in the sport who is looking out for its best interests, and the insights that he has are pretty important.”
I have to say, this guy has been tweeting as he goes, and he seems to be having a thoroughly amazing time, and other than being more than a little jealous, I think this is a great story!
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