Calamitous GP Starts


I just obtained both of these, and I figured some of you might appreciate this footage.

Argentina 79 - Not exactly a clean start to the season.

Belgium 81 - Everybody knows the story, but I never saw the BBC coverage before yesterday. Some rather interesting commentary from Murray and James here.

I seem to remember 3 starts at Belgium 1990 and at Italy 1990 and their being some Chaos.

Germany 1994 is prob worht a look too

but I think the Belgium 98 is the ultimate
I still have Belgium 98 on video tape, one of my favourite races!

I wonder how many cars would have been able to restart that 1998 race at Spa, if the current rule against a spare car not being allowed in the garage area, had existed then? ...........maybe 3 or 4 :thinking:
14 cars involved. Jos Verstappen got back but his car was too damaged.

so about 8. Thats not taking into consideration however the Race was stopped for an hour and a half while the mess was cleared up. Quite a few cars perhaps could of been repaired
I think Webber is a contender for worst start award of the current decade, don't think he actually gained any places off the grid last year.
That Belgium 81 video is the most horrendous motorsporting incident I've ever seen. What a complete and utter cock up that was. Does anyone know if the mechanic survived?

EDIT: I just had a look and the mechanic hit at the start survived, but the mechanic run over in the pit lane died a few days after.

You hear about the improved safety of the cars a lot, but not the improvement in the race organisation and marshalling so much. This video makes it apparent that F1 has come a long way in this regard as well.
I know this only involves a couple of cars, but it was the last time I ever bet on an F1 race. Yes I had a bet on Raikkonen to win. He'd got off to a bad start if I recall by ending up on the back of the grid, and then this happened.

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