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According to an article in this weeks autosport, BTCC is set to get it's most high profile season of coverage on ITV in it's history. Every race will now be shown live on ITV4 and there will be a highlights show the day after on ITV1.

Steve Rider is set to replace Ted Kravitz as the host while Louise Goodman is also involved. I think the commentary team remain unchanged.

I had read that the Chevy team with their tweaked reasonably priced cars were looking to sign Plato on a one season deal but it hasn't been mentioned since the initial speculation. With the start of the new season just over a week away it looks like it's not going to happen now. Unless, as Murry would say, I'm very much mistaken.

It's a shame that the BTCC grid seems to get smaller every year becuase it seems like an attractive class of racing for car companies in these finacially tight times and hopefully the increased coverage should help to draw back both viewers and competitors. We shall see. :popcorn:
Thanks for the upate c_a_t.

I'm looking forward to the new BTCC season as usual although it will be less exciting this year due to there being just 1 works team, no SEAT and no Jason Plato, unless that changes as you've indicated above.

I really must get around to putting all the BTCC (and F1) races in the Calendar...
There may only be 1 works team, but the BMW's Chevy's and now fords are gunna make it close i think. I dont think the BTCC is quite the disaster its looking i feel those pritavteers teaams are gunna give vaxuall a run 4 thier money at least
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