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Blonde lady: "Questo sta per essere uno spettacolo molto strano palcoscenico. Chi sono comunque? "


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Flav: "No boys, you get belts when I buy you belts."
Her: "Only ****s iron a crease in their jeans."


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Spielberg's attempt to remake the Titanic using famous personalties from Formula One is less than successful.


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Flavio: when I asked for a hooker I meant one of those nice chaps who play in the rugger scrum


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Peter Stringfellow has enough and throws out Jarno and Fernando after young lady gets upset at a joke containing the words "Driver", "Helmet" and "Cockpit"


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Original line put into the translator was: "This is going to be a very strange stage show . Who are they anyway?"

it's an interesting quirk of Google, Bing, Babel, etc. that reversing translations can go awry. especially if messed up the first time round!LOL


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The launch party for the Batchelorette Italy went wrong when it was noticed that the three lucky gentlemen competing for the final date were all more interested in each other.....


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Flavio: "Boys, I am... how you say, er, knackered... Thees girl she is insatiable. I 'av not slept in 3 days. Still, she want more."
Jarno: "I will do it Don Flavio. To save your dicky ticker!"
Fernando: "I will also. I am man enough, but Jarno, I go first! I am faster than you."
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