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Would anyone be interested in being able to bookmark individual posts?

This is a paid add-on so I want to make sure there is demand for it before buying it.
Each post will have a Bookmark link which, when clicked, will add a link to the Bookmarks tab in your profile.

You can either make those bookmarks private, so only you can see them, or make them public, so anyone viewing your profile can see them.

It's just a way of compiling a list of posts you want to be able to refer to again in the future.
I'm just playing with it now on my localhost installation.

There are a few minor bugs, but no show stoppers so I may be able to install this later.
A few issues were encountered during testing.

The add-on has been updated and all that remain are a few styling and layout issues to resolve.

Hopefully should be able to roll this out next week.
The Bookmarks add-on has been implemented.
It is currently available to Premium Contributors only.
I appreciate that is a bit of a contentious issue, but there has to be some way of rewarding those who financially support the site and pay the hosting fees every year.

It's fairly straightforward to use, just click the Bookmark link bottom right of a post of profile post.

An overlay will appear and you can decide to add a note, set it as a public bookmark and sticky it.

Any public bookmarks, thread or profile, will appear on a member's profile under the Bookmarks tab.

To manage your own bookmarks, click on Your Bookmarks in the account menu dropdown:

Or directly on your profile page:

From there you can view, edit and delete your bookmarks, toggle the status between Public and Private, and click on the note and post links to read the contents. Thread and profile bookmarks are conveniently separated on two different tabs, making it easier to manage them.

You can also set alerts for various actions related to bookmarked posts.

Hopefully you will find this a useful feature.
The Bookmarks add-on has been updated with a few new features.

It is now possible to add a tag to a bookmark.

Any existing tags can be selected via the Tags menu dropdown, so you don't need to remember which tags you have already created, or type them out again.

Tags can be filtered on your account page.

You can also filter by clicking on the tag name on the right hand side.
That will update the list with just the bookmarks assigned to that tag.
To clear the filter click on Bookmarks on the left hand side in the menu sidebar.

Tags can be changed by clicking the edit link or the bookmark link in the post and updating the bookmark.

There is also a new alert preference, which will alert you if anyone bookmarks one of your posts.

Finally, bookmark activity now appears in the Recent Activity feed:
Far out! I can see this being very handy, as long as I remember to use it! Great idea Bro, I hope Santa brought you some goodies.
I got bookmarked by mjo! :1st:
You're very welcome... anyway it was you good post which forced me to use up some of my energy to move my mousepad over to the bookmark button, make a reference and click 'OK'....

By the way, first time I've used this feature, and it's a good one!:thumbsup:
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