Bon Voyager


One wonders if anything out there will ever encounter them...

If they do then they'll be rocking out to some sweet Earth sounds in no time on a "state of the art" Golden record. :D



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Yeah, but we all know it comes back in the 23rd century to destroy the Earth and only the actions of James Tiberius Kirk save us.

Sorry, in a flippant mood.

Interesting that they reckon there's a load of turbulence at the outer reaches of the Solar System where the Sun's energy runs out. Isn't Voyager off to our nearest star now? It's going to take a few years to get there though.


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I love the Welsh bit!!!
I may take the piss with the "it's all in a hanger" comments but space is utterly awesome.
I remember these pioneering space flights taking off, brilliant.
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