MotoGP Audi buy Ducati

Suppose it can only be good news - new investment to the team - do you know if the team will still be called Ducati?
I really don't know how to view this news.

On the one hand, the new infusion of capital could, combined with an input of German engineering potentially make Ducati even greater than it is.

On the other hand, the German influence could bring about the loss of the "Italian passion" which Speshal alludes to and would be a huge loss to the world of motorcycles. Ducatis have always been the best-handling bikes on the road, able to walk all over far more powerful bikes when in the twisties. The wife and I toured Europe on our Ducatis five years ago and loved every minute of it. I hope Audi's involvement doesn't transform this great Italian marque into a Japanese clone-lots of tech but no soul or passion.
Maybe not so smart, maybe window dressing for a future sale, at least with Facebook

Facebook exploded on the back of a strong concept, paying big money for other companies instead of continuing to innovate could be a sign of fattening the calf before market day

With Audi and Ducatti, I suspect it's a lot to do with ego rather than commercial sense, Ferdinand Piech, is buying these brands like Ducatti Bugatti etc etc like they are going out of fashion

Anyway let's hope the whole bloated juggernaut called VW remains solvent
Oh heck this could be a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

I get that it could be good for investment but would the Ducati name still be around and would they be any better than their current position at the moment. Yes they're having problems at the moment but i'm sure they'll be back up there fighting for victories sooner rather than later.
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