Andretti to make a come back with Red Bull


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Mario Andretti visited the Red Bull HQ in Milton Keynes and signed a contract to drive for the team in 2012.


Accompanied by his manager, Peter Windsor, Mario signed a 3 year deal to replace Mark Webber. "It's part of our youth policy" commented team principal Christian Horner, "that old fart Webber's been hanging about far too long and with Mario being 2 years younger than Mark we jumped at the chance to sign him up".

Peter Windsor, present at the contract signing, added "as you know I have a long history of delivering on the promises I make in F1 and you can be assured that I won't let anyone down this time. Just look how succesful USF1 was". Argentina's President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (not able to be present) said "Donde tiene todo nuestro Windsor ido dinero usted bolso de espuma!"

Sebastien Vettel was unavaible for comment as Helmut Marco hadn't told him what to say.
I'm sorry, I recognise the faces, but my mind keeps shouting at me:

"Michael Aspel congratulates the winner of the Junior Sculpture Competition"
GeoffP said:
"Michael Aspel congratulates the winner of the Junior Sculpture Competition"

Yeah, it, err, looks like a giant cock. Appropriate at least, but more like an awards ceremony for some seedy German porno! One dodgy picture to be sure!

Christian Horner looks like the slightly shady failed team principal, and Windsor the sharp-suited polymath. Hmm...
Vettel keeps hold of his "winner's toffee apple" despite needing to prop up the Andretti doll after it springs a leak
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