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Found this exchange (or non-exchange) in the Caterham garage pretty funny.

As for the on-track action, I have no doubts that Rossi will be/can be a competent Formula One driver, but I do wonder if his height will be a concern for some teams. He was uncomfortable in the Caterham (then Lotus) car during the Abu Dhabi tests, and judging from the adjustments being made in the cockpit Friday, I assume he was experiencing similar issues this weekend.

And finally, thank you Alexander for erasing Scott Speed's name as the last American participant in a GP weekend.
Does seem like Rossi may be in the wings for a race seat although I'm surprised he isn't in their GP2 team. I can see him being given a race come Texas.

Just hope it doesn't all fall down for him by Caterham dropping out the sport. I worry for them now Tony has got bored with his toys and is playing with another one.
Rossi will replace Qa Maa in the GP2 Caterham team after jyst one round! So he'll be in at Bahrain.

He and Kovi will take to the track for Caterham in F1 first practice session at Bahrain too.
I was surprised to hear (on a 5 Live interview) that Rossi is about 6ft 2". Not an ideal size for an F1 driver these days as they get more and more like jockeys every year.
Excellent news for Rossi. Glad he's got somewhere to prove himself further now.

I was surprised to hear (on a 5 Live interview) that Rossi is about 6ft 2". Not an ideal size for an F1 driver these days as they get more and more like jockeys every year.

I commented on this a couple years ago. His initial F1 tests with Lotus in Abu Dhabi 2011 were hampered by a lack of cockpit space. And I believe there has been more issues when he takes over someones car on a GP weekend. We'll see what happens in a couple days. But as you say, it's certainly not ideal.
I wonder if that may have been the issue in the world series last year because he certainly didn't perform as well as I expected him too.
He actually started from the 7th grid slot, but Erricson didn't get away on the formation lap, so effectively started P6. Did all his work with the undercut. He was 2nd to pit and jumped from 6th to 3rd. Then barely held off Nasr for the final podium spot. Great debut!

You've really got to wonder why Ma was even in this seat ahead of Rossi for the first round. And he's already making Canamassas look rather pedestrian.
I know why Ma was in. MONEY.

There seems to have been a rethink at Caterham about drivers since their poor F1 start which makes me think Tony has chucked a little more cash in which has allowed them to bring Kovi back and put Rossi in for the GP2.
With the recent revelations that teams are hesitant to take on Hulkenberg because of his size, Rossi must be seriously concerned for his F1 future. And if he can't get a seat for Caterham, then he should be looking for another series to race in soon.
Rossi did quite well in this years Le Mans 24 Hours. He drove a Nissan powered LMP2 Zytek Z11SN, with Greaves Motorsport team co-drivers Tom Kimber-Smith and Eric Lux. They put the car 19th on the grid and between them they completed 307 laps*, came home in 23rd place overall and 9th in their class.

That finish means Rossi is currently 12th place in the FIA World Endurance Championship. If he is too big for F1 it wouldn't be a bad thing for him to do an LM series as a day job, methinks.

*The winning LMP1 car (Audi again!) completed 348 laps. The LMP2 class winning car (Oak Racing) completed 329 laps.
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