A Lot of Salt Needed

Star touches star b, star b screams and jumps away.

It does seem odd, you would expect that the gravity of the pair of them would pull them together. For centrifugal force to be able to hold the two in position something would have to be moving quickly. Binary star systems are not unknown but I've never heard of them touching before. But then I'm not an astronomer.
The yellow star is a hyper-giant type so when they say "touching each other" it's probably a case of the most massive of the two continually "sucking" matter out the other one.
That's how Type A are said to form so maybe we'll get the chance to directly witness a supernova in our lifetime, you never know...

It would be amazing Incubus but unfortunately not that likely,whilst hyper giants burn out far faster than a Sun sized star these things don't happen in a human lifetime, you might see a supernova if it's almost at the end of it's cycle.
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