2019 Season Round Up Quiz


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How well do you remember the season you just watched? Here are ten questions to test what you can recall. There are no spoilers, it all happened this year so it really shouldn't be that hard, should it? ;) There are 14 points up for grabs. I hope you enjoy it and please do post your scores. :)

1. In Australia Bottas won the first race, but who was the first person to retire his car in the 2019 season?

Carlos Sainz Jnr.

2. We all recall 'that' incident in Canada but who was on the podium with Hamilton and Vettel at the end of the race?

Charles Leclerc

3. At which race this season did we have the most retirements? Bonus point if you know how many.

Germany with 7

4. Which driver had the most retirements? Bonus point if you know how many.

Romain Grosjean with 7

5. Which driver had the most races from the start of the season without a retirement?

Lewis Hamilton 0 retirements

6. Charles Leclerc moved up to Ferrari and showed us what he can do, at which race did he get his first Ferrari pole position and which race was his first win? A point for each.

Bahrain (pole) Belgium (win)

7. Williams ended the season as the team with least points, which team ended just above them second from last?


8. The USA gp was a significant race for Max Verstappen as he reached a milestone, but which one?

100th Race

9. Who gained the most 'Fastest Lap' points? Bonus point if you know how many?

Lewis Hamilton 6

10. Who was the last driver to cross the finish line in 2019 and score the final available point?

Carlos Sainz Jnr.
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